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Seen by Scene Entertainment is a community-based, not for profit, theatre and entertainment production company based in Toronto.

It's not nearly as glamorous as it sounds, but it is a passionate commitment to bring music and art to life.

our team


Elena Tullio is a veteran contributor to Seen by Scene productions, serving as Stage Manager for The Promise in 2016 and Departures & Arrivals in 2018. Elena is a semi-retired TCDSB teacher whose theatre experience
dates back to high school with leads in St. Michael's College, Teatro
Italiano Dell'Arte, Edu-Art and more. She returned to theatre in 2002 as
a Stage Manager and Sound Technician with Marty Story and
Dreamtheatre Productions, and to the stage as Lady Boxington in My
Fair Lady (2018).

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Alana Paré is a Toronto-based lighting designer, director, and writer.
She's happiest when she's working in a theatre. She is finishing her
undergraduate degree in Theatre & Performance Studies and French at
the University of Toronto Scarborough. She has previously designed
shows at the Frenchwood Festival of the Performing Arts in New York.
Alana was our lighting designer for the 2018 Seen by Scene production of Departures & Arrivals.

Executive producers

John Sinclair

Dave Trafford


Tom Knight


Tom, John and Dave first partnered to produce Departures and Arrivals by Carol Shields in November 2018, but their relationship goes back more than 50 years. The three of them attended grade school, high school and university together, so they figured half a century of friendship was a good basis for this partnership.

Tom and Dave were music mates in grade school taking guitar lessons together. They had their first theatre experience when they were students at St. Michael's College School. They've both been involved in several community productions as performers and producers. They've worked together from 2015-2017 to stage The Promise - an original work written by Dave.

While John boasts a cameo appearance with the Canadian Opera Company, he refers to Tom and Dave as the 'creative brains'. That is why they need John. He's the 'money brain' who keeps the creativity out of the accounting.